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Why consider floor skirting, the best flooring solution.

Want to have a perfect space with a smooth and stylish look? Floor skirting is the most familiar and the most important one as far as the home fitting goes. This floor skirting in older days was used when wall work was done, to create a border between the two. But now, floor skirting provides a tough barrier between the walls and furniture and prevents knocks. In home whether new or old there are traces of untidy paintwork or wiring that is odd to see. Floor skirting is an ideal option to cover these common issues and an affordable way to add a smooth touch to your décor. Even in new constructed places there can be millimeter differences or gaps seen on the floor. To overcome this, new techniques of floor skirting provide the simple solution for hiding those gaps along with creating a pleasing look. Along with creating a gap between the wall and the floor, floor skirting also protects the wall from kicks, abrasions and scrapes due to furniture installation and reinstallation. Floor skirting is a smart way of covering up the uneven surfaces, rugged floor or wall edges. 

Floor skirting is usually a wooden or vinyl board covering that serves its purpose in covering the joint between the wall surface and the wall. These skirting has variety of amazing colors, designs and patterns

Types of floor skirting

There are many types of floor skirting, you can select according to your need and taste.

  1. The simplest floor skirting consists of a baseboard with a simple plank nailed, screwed or glued. Also made with different molding for decorative purposes. 

  1. Plastic floor skirting comes in various plastic compounds, the most common is the UPVC. They are in a flexible version and in various colors. These are glued with adhesive and difficult to remove or replace it. But has a long-life span and low maintenance.

  1. Wooden floor skirting is available in various versions, such as the pre painted, which is made of a single piece or finger jointed wood.

  1. Medium density fiberboards or commonly known as MDF are a type of floor skirting boards that along with its function add a class to any room of your house. It is a cheap and durable material made out of compressed fibers. MDF floor skirting has properties of working out with both traditional and contemporary decors. 

  1. Vinyl floor skirting is also another type of skirting board, that provides a clean, finishing touch on homes’ different spaces. They create a beautifully clean look around your patio, deck and stairs adding an appealing look. This type of vinyl floor skirting has a built-in flexibility to accommodate air flow that requires ventilation for the room. 

Before you have floor skirting, it is advised to select trained professionals in analyzing your space to identify out the perfect type of floor skirting for you. They are responsible to give quality service and makes it easier for the customer, so they just have to choose and leave the rest to them.

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