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Things to consider before buying new rugs

A rug can really tie a room together visually and can make it cozy and more comfortable. A new rug is also a big investment. Before you spend the cash for that new rug, you’ll need to consider how you plan to use the space and what you need from the rug.

Choosing a new rug is about more than simply searching for an affordable rug that goes well with your furniture and décor. Your new rug will become an important and practical part of your home furnishings, so choose it with care. Now let’s take a look at some of the things you should think about before buying a new rug.

  1. Your Own Sense of Style

It might sound obvious, but the first thing you should consider when choosing an area rug is your own personal preference. You are the one who is going to be using the rug, and if you are investing a lot of money in it, you might be using it for a long time. As you go about to follow the easy steps for selecting the right area rug, think about if your personal  style is traditional, contemporary, or transitional.

  1. Cleaning and Care of the Rug

High-quality rugs need to be cleaned regularly and professionally. If the rug is kept in a high-traffic area or is made from natural materials, like wool, that can take on an aroma if not properly cared for, that goes double. A rug that isn’t cleaned at least once, if not twice, a year can become very unsanitary and contaminated with bacteria and other allergens indeed. Make sure you can afford to have the rug you choose cleaned regularly and that you’ll be able to transport it to the cleaners, or have it picked up. Few rugs need less maintenance than others.

  1. How the Rug Will Be Used

Do members of your household, such as young children and pets, spend a lot of time sitting or playing on the floor? Do you need a colorful accent piece to tie a room together? Low-pile and flat-weave rugs are better for high-traffic areas, while shag or sisal rugs can work well in low-traffic areas. Consider how the rug will be used in order to choose the right one.

  1. The Room the Rug Will Go In

Definitely, you will need to know how big the selected room is and hash out a floor plan. If you are choosing a living room rug, you will probably want to put all of the sofas and the table on the rug, to delineate the space. If you’re choosing a family room rug, you may want a smaller rug that accommodates just the coffee table. For a front entryway, a very long, narrow rug might be best. In a bedroom, a large rug under the bottom two-thirds of the bed will do, but so will two long runners placed on either side of the bed. Think about the traffic the rug will get, and whether it will get stuck under doors or pose a tripping hazard.

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